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AB200 Application Building Track Cover Image

Application Building Track

The Application Building Learning Track and Certification equips learners with the knowledge and skills to build complex CommCare applications.

About This Course

This course will walk you through the Application Building Learning Track and Certification. It includes tests on all of the core topics and self-paced courses for most modules.

Topics include CommCareHQ Basics, the Form Builder, Case Management, Advanced App Building Topics, and QA/Testing. The course contains tutorials, examples, exercises, links, and tests. Learners can expect to come out of the course able to build complex CommCare applications. The course can be used by anyone wanting a guided learning experience.

Learners who are interested in Certification will also complete 4 module tests and apply to take the Capstone test.


Learners are strongly advised to complete CommCare Fundamentals before taking this course. The current series of CommCare Fundamentals can be found on the Dimagi Academy course dashboard.

Mar 01, 2016