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AB280 Application Building for Peace Corps Volunteers Cover Image

Application Building for Peace Corps Volunteers

This self-paced course equips Peace Corps Volunteers with the skills to design and launch mobile applications using CommCare.

About This Course

My name is Claire Cravero. I'm currently a Senior Field Manager at Dimagi, and I want to welcome to you to the Peace Corps online course on CommCare Application Building. As an RPCV, I’m thrilled to help connect you to CommCare; CommCare is the most widely adopted mobile application platform for community health workers in the world. Successful completion of this online course on Application Building will give you the fundamentals of application building as well as the opportunity to earn a valuable digital technology credential, CommCare Application Building Certification.

This self-paced course includes CommCare Fundamentals, CommCareHQ Basics, Form Builder Basics, Advanced Form Builder, Case Management, Advanced App Building Topics, Messaging Basics, and QA/Testing. For each of these topics you will find tutorials, examples, exercises, links, and tests. You can expect to come out of the online course with the skills to build CommCare applications that are suited for your communities or Peace Corps programs.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will have an opportunity to take the Level 1 Capstone Exercise to become certified by Dimagi in CommCare Application Building - Level 1. Further guidance will be provided in the Capstone section of the course.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to start the Dimagi Academy online training course as soon as you can so that you can successfully complete the course before February 10, 2017.

Want to learn more about other volunteers’ CommCare projects? Check out this blog post I wrote and a blog post about a fellow PCV from Senegal. If you want to hear from other volunteers who are using the platform, or want to ask questions or post ideas, request to join our Facebook group. Finally, feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns, or if you know other volunteers or Peace Corps staff who would like to enroll in this course! If you have any issues with the functionality of this site in particular, please reach out to us at


You must be a Peace Corps Volunteer or a Peace Corps Staff Member to take this course.

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