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CommCare for Universities

This self-paced course equips academic practitioners with the skills to design and launch mobile applications using CommCare.

About CommCare for Universities

As the field of mobile health (mHealth) has expanded globally, there’s been growing demand from academic institutions to gain hands-on experience designing and deploying mHealth tools.

Dimagi has developed a free online "CommCare for Universities" course for academic practicioners that combines "CommCare Fundamentals" and "CommCare Application Building." This course equips participants to build customized mHealth applications using CommCare - a software platform that enables anyone to design and launch customized mobile applications for Android devices. Used in 60+ countries, CommCare is one of the most widely-deployed and evidence-based mHealth tools.

Course participants will gain the hands-on skills to build customized mobile applications - including for data collection, field research, monitoring & evaluation, patient management, & general skill building.

The self-paced course typically takes 8 hours to complete. Successful completion of this online course on Application Building will give you the fundamentals of application building.

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