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About Dimagi Academy

Dimagi Academy is an online learning center that hosts a variety of courses to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to deploy CommCare applications and strengthen frontline programs. Used by learners around the world, Dimagi Academy offers free, on-demand courses, such as CommCare Fundamentals and CommCare Application Building; study guides and test packages in subjects like Project Coordination and Technical Support; as well as special courses for partner organizations.

In addition to courses, learners can participate in the CommCare Certification Program. CommCare Certification validates and recognizes that an individual has demonstrated competence in a CommCare practice area. Certifications currently offered include: Application Building, Technical Support, and Project Coordination. These certifications can be earned by taking the appropriate course and/or tests on Dimagi Academy and successfully executing a Capstone Exercise.

For more information about CommCare please click below to visit our website:

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